Welcome to ‘The Balance of Being’ my little wellness hub I have created to not only put all my thoughts and knowledge on paper but hopefully provide you with an insight of easy ways to live a healthy, BALANCED lifestyle so you too can enjoy the magic of a wholesome life!



I am a Degree Qualified Nutritionist having graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health Gold Coast with a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine in June 2017. Additionally, I am also a Pilates Instructor after completing my Certificate 1 Pilates Mat & Pilates Barre training course in Melbourne at the Daily Dose Studio in 2017.



My love for nutrition and wellbeing developed during my teen years when I was diagnosed with Coeliac’s disease at 15 years old. After years of constant battles with sinus and throat infections, numerous days spent in bed and not at school, tonsillectomy and adenoids removed I was still struggling to get out of bed each day. Glandular fever, chronic fatigue, common cold, vitamin deficiencies, you name it they thought I had it until finally I found a doctor that looked outside the box and thought maybe it was Coeliac’s disease (light bulb!!). Back then (7 years ago) the gluten free/ “health food” section of supermarkets only took up a few shelves at the end of the aisle, and eating out meant your options were very limited. Fast forward to today and practically every café and restaurant has gluten free options listed on their menus, the supermarkets have dedicated a whole section of an aisle to gluten free, and “healthy” options and health food shops are popping up left right and centre!!

As the awareness for food allergies, fitness and health grows so does the wealth of information out their available to read. I am the first to admit I am guilty of being sucked into the health world and taking people by their word a few too many times. Studying nutritional medicine has opened my eyes to how much of the resources out there are giving false information hence why I have created this blog to debunk health myths and show that living a healthy life doesn’t have to be hard work.



I am big believer in holistic health; that is that health is not just a physical representation of your bodies ability to function, it is also a representation of your mental and emotional health as well. For me that is how I fell in love with pilates... what first began as a physical pursuit to health quickly became as much about the mental benefits as well. Through my pilates practice I have not only been able to strengthen my physical body, I have also strengthened my mind and it's ability to cope with stress, to let go of things that are outside my control and have gratitude for the things I do have. Through experiencing these benefits from my own practice I developed a desire to share it with those around me so they could feel the same amazing benefits I have!

My journey to health has not been smooth sailing, even after being diagnosed with Coeliac’s disease in 2011 my health didn’t immediately improve and has still got a long way to go. However, through nourishing my body everyday with wholesome food (and a few sneaky treats), getting outside and being active and enjoying time with my family and friends it is definitely getting there. Life is a balancing act, there is always going to be struggles and sacrifices but it only makes the good parts even more amazing and makes you 100 times more grateful for them.


I am very grateful for all the people in my life, my health and the opportunities I have and I hope through this blog you can become a little more educated and a little more inspired to find the balance in your life, whatever that may be.



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  1. Thank you for this, Alex 😂,

    I had to diagnose myself with Coeliac, and have had T1D, Diabetes since the age of 4. Been there, done that. I was discriminated against in Academia, despite the fact that I worked in Special education (I would provide accommodation to everyone else, but myself)!

    I would love to learn more about wholistic (nutritional) medicine.

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