New year, new you… right?


It is the start of a new year and that means a clean slate right? You’ll do all those things you’ve been saying you want to do but have held off doing until now. You want to exercise more, eat less, loose weight, be healthier, stress less, drink less alcohol… and the list goes on. Despite what we would like, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen over night (except for maybe the super disciplined ones- we envy you)... it takes hard work, commitment and sometimes even a little bit of compromise. Hardest thing about having 15 different New Years resolutions? Starting all 15 of them at once and then sticking to them for a whole year can lead to you throwing in the towel on all of them!

Instead, I ask you to write down 3 intentions for the year that you can keep in mind through the good and the bad times and as a reminder of where you want to be this time next year. It could be as simple as being more present when you’re with friends or as far as running a marathon… whatever your intentions are write them down and pull them out whenever you need that little reminder.

So now you've got your 3 intentions, how are you going to implement them and what about the other 12 things you also want to do this year to improve your health? I am a big believer in starting small and building up especially when dietary and lifestyle changes are the centre of your goals in order to make them into life-long, sustainable changes! So whilst your 3 intentions for the year are your main priorities, I have also created a calendar years worth of healthy habits that you can choose to implement each month. By implementing 1 healthy dietary or lifestyle change a month it gives you an opportunity to just focus on that change for the month, as they say it takes 30 days to make a habit! Then by the end of the year you'll hopefully have 12 new healthy habits that are now apart of your everyday life! Winning right?




Drink 2L of water every day. Add lemon, berries, mint or anything else that tickles your fancy to your water to make it more appealing if you’re not a huge fan of water. My tip- buy a big water bottle (the glass Voss water bottles from the supermarket are great!) so that you encourage yourself to drink more water and glass a bottle ensures you’re not getting any BPA nasties. Other great drink bottle options are Earth Bottles or Swell Bottles.


Swap that high-intensity HIIT workout for a stress lowering activity such as pilates or yoga to change up your routine a little. You will still build strength and fitness but with the added benefit of supporting your nervous system and building a healthy body image too!


Give your gut some loving and get to the bottom of those uncomfortable digestive symptoms you get everyday… bloating, constipation and cramps I am looking at you guys. Speak to your nutritionist about working out the cause behind these symptoms or implement some of your own gut loving practices such as enjoying a cup of bone broth daily, making gelatin gummies, adding some extra fibre into your diet, reducing stress levels or adding fermented foods into your diet!


Include 2 cups of vegetables to every main meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner). You might be thinking how on earth is that possible, especially for breakfast! There is plenty of ways to get vegetables into your breakfast such as making omelet’s, breaky salad bowls, green smoothies and juices. By aiming to include two cups of vegetables in every main meal you will be reaching your recommended 6 cups a day and being increasing your fibre, nutrient and antioxidant intake!


Go for a 40 minute walk every day (or every other day). My tip to keep you motivated especially in the cold months? Stick a note on your mirror with your desired amount of walks per week (Eg. 4 walks) and draw a little box next to each number. Then each time you go for a walk that week tick one of the boxes until all the boxes are full!


Junk free June! Make a conscious effort in June to ditch the unhealthy, packaged snacks and swap them from healthy alternatives. For example, swap chocolate for bliss balls, ice cream for frozen and blended fruit, potato chips for air popped popcorn, soft drink for Kombucha!


Try dry July and say see-you-bye to alcohol for a month! Not only will your liver love you, your wallet will also be giving you a friendly hi-five too. To help give your liver some extra lovin’ while your staying away from alcohol bump up your intake of brassica vegetables such as kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and your antioxidants such as beetroots, berries, turmeric! The nutrients from these wholesome foods will help support your liver detoxification meaning your clearing toxins from your body more effectively!


Practice mindfulness and self love! Whether that is downloading a meditation App. on your phone (my favourite is ‘Calm’), putting your feet in the sand, practicing yoga or simply sitting for 10 minutes listening to music. I know it might seem a little silly at first, but speaking from experience each one of these activities can really change your state and frame of mind.


Switch your phone off by 7pm each night and reduce that blue light stimulation before bed! The blue light that is created by our phones and laptops stimulates the brain and disrupts the natural production of melatonin (our sleep hormone) which can affect your ability to have a deep sleep at night. Switching off from your phone is also a great way to work on being more present with those around you and living in the moment!


Swap that piece of chocolate or scoop of ice cream after dinner for a peppermint and licorice. If your dinner contains all the essentials such as good quality proteins, carbohydrates and fats then sugar cravings at night time should be a thing of the past! However, if you still have a bit of sweet tooth after dinner try find a yummy herbal tea with a bit of sweetness to quick the craving to the curb instead of reaching for the chocolate and undoing all your healthy eating for the day.


This one may be easier for some than others… ditch coffee for a month! Swap your coffee for a turmeric latte, dandelion latte or green tea and give your adrenal glands and gut a break from the coffee.


It is the month of celebrations or the silly season as they say! So instead of implementing a new habit this month try to practice MODERATION.  I am all about BALANCE meaning having a treat everyone now and then isn't going to undo all your hard work. However, when 1 treat turns into treat day, then treat week, then treat month thats where we start to unravel. So this December, enjoy the celebrations but do so in moderation!

I wish you all an amazing and rewarding 2018, I can't wait to see what this year will bring for everyone! Always remember to be kind to yourself, do you best in your circumstances and never be afraid to ask for help along the way 🙂





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