Consult Structure

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Initial Nutrition consultation (Approx. 1 hour/ $110)

Your initial consultation with Alex will involve;

  • Full health assessment of past and current health concerns
  • Evaluation of dietary and lifestyle choices
  • Use of clinical examinations such as blood pressure, tounge analysis, zinc status (if indicated)
  • Analysis and requests for further testing when indicated for nutrient deficiencies, food intolerances/ allergies, parasites, hormone imbalances, pyrrole’s etc…


Through asking a diverse range of questions Alex will be able to develop an understanding of what may be contributing to your health concerns on a physical, emotional and biochemical level. After this initial consult Alex will provide you with baseline dietary guidelines for you to get started on your wellness journey.


Nutrition Plan Presentation (45 minutes/ $60)

After your initial consultation Alex will spend time researching a preparing a unique nutrition plan for you. Your treatment plan will include;

  • A thorough analysis of your diet to determine nutrient intake
  • Short and long term goals and the steps required to achieve them
  • Dietary changes specific to your health concerns
  • Lifestyle changes to support health concerns
  • Individualised food plan (if required)
  • Recommendation where necessary for nutritional supplements
  • Education regarding the changes we are making in order to empower you to achieve your health goals and make them sustainable


Follow up consultations* (30 minutes/ $65)

Follow up consultations will then be scheduled within 2-3 weeks of your nutrition plan presentation. From there depending on your needs and goals, consultations will be scheduled every month for a few sessions. During these follow up consultations Alex will;

  • Assess your progress and make changes in your treatment plan where needed
  • Continue to help you work towards long term goals
  • New meal and food ideas to keep your food interesting
  • Keep you accountable and on track
  • Review test results
  • Provide you with ongoing education surrounding the best nutritional and lifestyle choices for your body in order to make these changes sustainable and life-long!

*Please note if you have not seen Alex for more than 8 weeks a longer return consult of 45 minutes will be required at $75. 


  • Nutrition workshops for small and large groups (prices vary)
  • Pilates classes- see timetable here 



All clients will receive an email reminder two days before their consult. Therefore, clients are required to give at LEAST 24-hours-notice if they need to cancel or reschedule their appointment. Whilst we understand things out of your control can impact your attendance to your nutrition consult, please respect Alex’s time and those of other clients when your cancelling within 24-hours of your consult. Clients who no-show or cancel within 24-hours (without valid reason) will be asked to pay a 50% deposit to secure their next booking.



Great! Alex can't wait to work with you and help you find the balance in your life. To book in for a consult online head here or to ask Alex any other questions head to the contact page here.