Consult Structure

INITIAL CONSULT (Approximately 1 hour)

Your initial Nutritional consultation will involve a comprehensive assessment of your past and present health concerns, the functionality of each body system, family history, dietary habits and lifestyle choices in order to gain an understanding of what may be happening on physical, emotional and biochemical level. Clinical examination and diagnostic techniques such as blood pressure, tongue and/or nail analysis may also be used if indicated, and when necessary further pathology testing may be arranged. You will leave your initial consultation with baseline dietary and lifestyle guidelines to get you started on your journey to wellbeing. Outside of your initial consultation, I will spend time researching and preparing a unique treatment plan that is tailored to address your specific health concerns. This time spent is included in your initial consultation fee and will be presented to you in your subsequent appointment.


TREATMENT PLAN PRESENTATION (Approximately 45 minutes)

In your second consult you will be presented with your personalised treatment plan that has been tailored to address your specific health concerns as discussed in the initial consult. The nutritional value of your diet, underlying mechanisms of your current and past health concerns, the impact of your lifestyle choices and any environmental factors will have been taken into consideration when developing this plan. During this consultation we will discuss your short and long term goals, how we are going to achieve them and any barriers that may affect the outcome. Whilst the foundation of my nutritional treatment protocols are formed on the principle of ‘food as medicine’, the inclusion of nutritional supplements for acute and short-term care may be prescribed to clients to assist in their healing process if indicated. This may include pre-formulated practitioner only products or personalised nutritional compounds prepared by me that are tailored to your specific needs, because after all health is not a one size fits all! 



FOLLOW UP CONSULTS (Approximately 30 minutes)    

Follow up consults are designed to keep you on track and motivated towards your health goals, as well as adjusting for any changes that may occur. This may include fine-tuning your treatment plan, providing new meal options ensuring you never get bored of healthy eating, adjusting supplements and/or working through barriers you may be experiencing. 





Alex is an accredited member of the Australian Natural Therapist Association (ANTA) with Private Health Rebates available with certain health funds for in clinic consults.


Consultations will be conducted either face-to-face in Warrnambool or via Skype.

Contact Alex here for more information or to book in for a consult!