What is Pilates?



Pilates is a physical fitness therapy used to build strength and lean muscle mass, improve flexibility and enhance mental awareness. Whilst the pilates method of exercise has evolved over the years, they key principles of developing core strength, control, concentration and assisting with injuries/ postural imbalances remains the same. Mat pilates is dynamic and energetic, so you will always leave feeling like you have had a great workout! The inclusion of props such as balls, hand weights and thera-bands may also be used to increase resistance and keep the classes fun and interesting. Pilates is suitable for all levels, from beginners to more advanced as options for all levels of strength and fitness are provided!


If you love energetic, high intensity exercise that is still low impact then Barre is for you! Barre is a mix of getting your heart pumping, ballet barre exercises, different pilates equipment (weights, thera-bands, chi balls, rings) and mat exercises as well. Barre uses interval training to promote increased fitness, muscle tone and weight loss, while helping to create long and lean muscles, helping you reach your health goals faster! Classes are always fun and different to keep you motivated and using different muscle groups. While Barre is higher intensity than mat pilates, modifications can still be made for beginners and more advanced students, or just take it at your own pace 🙂


Pilates is such a fun and enjoyable way to improve not only your physical strength but also your mental strength! Classes run for 1 hour and include a short relaxation at the end so you leave feeling energised but not wired!


The best way to find out if pilates is for you is to come and try it! Check out the timetable here to find a time to come along 🙂