Why I Made the Switch to Natural Beauty Products


With thousands of beauty products on the market it's hard to know which ones are worth forking out money for and which ones are best left on the shelf. When it comes to using natural beauty products, I can tell you I have tried them all! Some are incredible and others just don't meet the mark, so today I have listed for you all my favourites so that you don't have to do the guess work.

But first things first, why use natural beauty products?

My switch from commercial beauty products to natural, organic and chemical free products happened a couple of years ago when I was having a lot of trouble with my own health issues. I had just come off the OCP and my periods were about as irregular as they come (my hormones were going crazy), my liver detoxification pathways weren't functioning efficiently so I was constantly struggling with brain fog and pimples were my new best friend.

As I started investigating how to improve my liver detoxification and hormonal imbalances I fell down a rabbit hole looking into the burden that toxins place on both of these systems and the havoc that results. Whether they were environmental toxins such as pollution, plastics, pesticides or chemicals in self-care/ beauty products they all had a detrimental impact on our liver and hormones... One look at the back of a foundation bottle and you'll be hard pressed to recognise more than 5 ingredients! So I swapped all my plastic containers and drink bottles for glass and aluminium ones, made the choice to eat organic produce as much as possible and lastly decided to change my chemical laden beauty products for natural, organic and chemical free ones!

Result= less stress on the liver to detoxify toxins, more balanced hormones and happy skin!



My favourite natural beauty products...

Most days you'll find me bare faced with only moisturiser on so it's fair to say make-up isn't really my for-tay, however these are my go-to products when I do decide to use something!


To be honest I don't actually wear a foundation as such even when on the rare occasion I am going out at night. Instead I always use the La Mav BB Creme in Medium. It has a thicker coverage than most BB cremes and evens your complexion out perfectly! For every day wear I just wear it on it's own, but for a more fuller coverage I dust some powder over the top.

La Mav BB Creme- $39.95



Hands down the best powder I have found both natural and even commercial!! Either wear it light or build it up for more coverage. Stays on all day long and sits perfectly over the La Mav BB Creme. I use the Raww Contoured Kabuki Brush with it too!

Raww From The Earth Loose Mineral Powder- $34.99

Raww Contoured Kabuki Brush- $24.99




See-you-bye blemishes and dark circles under your eyes (up your water if this an issue 😉 )

Raww Wildberry Blur Concealer- $24.99



Long-lasting and no flakey business with this mascara! Easily the best natural and cruelty free mascara I have tried. Doesn't cause eye irritation like some chemical based mascaras can, which makes sense because why would your eyes want to be exposed to all those chemicals every time you blink?

This one is a little more expensive than I would normally go but the benefits are worth it!

Inika Long Lash Vegan Mascara (Black)- $45



Perfect for adding that extra bit of glow! Love the creamy texture of the Raww Illuminating Stick, it leaves your skin nice and dewy with a touch of sparkle (winning).

Raww Acai Berry Glow- Illuminator & Buffing Brush- $29.99


I am no makeup guru but I got sucked into this one by the shop assistant and truth be told it does make my makeup last longer and sit nicely. I would only really use this if I was heading out somewhere special and wanted my makeup to look a little more flawless, but you could use it everyday! Pretty sure I just heard all the makeup lovers cringe with that sentence 😉

Raww Wildberry Boost Primer- $34.99



Everyone has different skin types, whether its oily, dry or a combination of the both! When I lived up north in Queensland the La Mav Creme Cleanser was my go-to, but now I am back in the colder climate of Victoria the La Mav Foaming cleanser has been better for my skin! Therefore, have a look at all of La Mav's different ranges to find a cleanser to suit your skin type.

La Mav Hydra Calm Creme Cleanser- $29.95

La Mav Sweet Orange Foaming Cleanser- $29.95



I know what your all thinking... A deodorant paste!? Yep that's right a paste and guess what it'll last you much longer than your spray on or roll on varieties. I have given this to a few friends to try and most of them have ended up buying it them selves. Commercial deodorants are filled with aluminium, fillers and harsh chemicals that are readily absorbed through the skin, especially when we apply it everyday!

Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste- $18.50




I switch between the two different tooth pastes...

Grants Mild Mint with Aloe Vera- $4.20 (can get from Coles/ Woolworths Supermarkets)

My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Paste (peppermint)- $19.95





What are your go-to natural beauty products? I would love to hear your favourites!





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